November 24, 2017



  • What does KomunitasTanganTerampildo ?

KomunitasTanganTerampilmembantumemberdayakanmasyarakat agar mampumenjadipelakuwirausaha yang mandirigunameningkatkankesejahteraanmereka.

  • What are the program ?

Program yang dilakukandalambentukpelatihanketrampilan, pendampingan, mentoring, coaching dan exhibitions.

  • How many entrepreneurs do you have ?

Untuksaatiniadasekitar 15 orang pelakuwirausaha yang telahbergabung.Mulaidariibuibu yang non skill hinggaparapelakuukm yang telahmemulaiusahanamunmerasabelumberkembang

  • Why do people have to pay a fee to join with your community?

Our purpose is to help create economically independent individuals. To do so, we want to give them a bit of dignity as well, and not only provide free charitable services and programmers. We also find that for a small sum to join fee, makes the participants more commitments that if we offered free for join.

  • How big is your team ?

TanganTerampil Team experts has 8 enthusiastic and fun-loving individuals on board with around 3 young volunteers each year.

  • Where do you get your funding?

Our funding comes from a variety of sources, including our own for–profit centers such as commissions from exhibitions, online shopper, workshop etc. We also hold regular fundraising campaigns and obtain generous donations from corporations and individuals, as well as our partnership with government and sponsors.